How age and mileage can affect your vehicle

Car HealthJust as humans age and require special care over time to remain healthy, so does your vehicle. And even if you have taken proper care of your vehicle and had it serviced and maintained when required, slowly but surely it will begin to cost you more and more to keep it reliable and on the road.

We at SAC are big proponents of regular servicing and preventative maintenance but as some point, no matter how you look at it, and despite your best efforts, keeping your vehicle on the road will no longer be a sensible and viable proposition. We are not saying that at a certain mileage you must just go out and get rid of your vehicle.

There are many vehicles on the road today that are old and or have high mileage. What we are saying is that you must be aware that keeping an older high mileage vehicle on the road costs money and it becomes unreliable. The more you use your vehicle and the harder you work it by towing etc, the more it will cost and the less reliable it will become over time.

Your car's ageRemember that a vehicle consists of many thousands of mechanical and electrical parts, not just the engine or brakes, and they are all working during the life span of your vehicle and are all prone to wear and tear, and ultimately failure at some stage.

We understand that today’s modern vehicles are capable of doing far higher mileages when compared to the vehicles of the past but we are also well aware that many people are under severe budgetary and financial constraints and as a result are pushing their vehicle’s mileages to extremes, and this is resulting in more and more breakdowns, and more and more uneconomically viable repair bills.

You can spend good money whenever advised to do so to repair or maintain your vehicle but this is still only a temporary solution to the bigger problem of old age and high mileage in vehicles, because the part you repair or replace now might be better off for a while or even a few years, but what about the other parts that have also worn and are going to need repairing or replacing that you didn’t get to this time around?

We see it every day in our workshops, a vehicle comes in for a repair of some sort and we take care of this only for the vehicle to go out and possibly stand again because something else has failed. We do our best to predict and advise our clients of potential future failings but there is no way we can be assured everything is perfect unless we replace every part in your vehicle.

Can you honestly afford to be without your car on a regular basis because it is always in the workshop? Do you have money lying around to keep spending on repairs? Do you like being stuck on the side of the road with your family in the middle of nowhere?

We didn’t think so and all we ask is that you talk to us and let us advise you honestly before you

waste good money on repairing a vehicle that you should rather be looking at replacing.  See the chart below for a guideline.

Car Mileage versus People Age

Car mileage

People’s age

100 000 km

30 years

150 000 km

50 years

200 000 km

75 years

250 000 km

85 years

300 000 km

100 years

350 000 km

110+ years

In Summary: It was the best way that I thought we can illustrate this coming of age phenomenon on cars, it is very much like people in many ways.  No matter how you see it, at a 100 years old any person is living on the edge and I am sure you will agree with me that the older you get the more time you spend at doctors or in hospitals not to mention frail care, etc.  This all comes at a cost of course.