For me one of the surest signs of the start of the holiday season is passing through the Free State en route to the coast. Both the N1 and N3 become very busy and the atmosphere at petrol stations is quite festive.

However, a friend once told me how he had a completely different association with the trip after he had to drive from Johannesburg to tow his brother, who was stuck half way between Kroonstad and Bloemfontein with a broken water pump. This reminded me that a cheerful well planned holiday trip can easily turn into a nightmare if your vehicle breaks down unexpectedly.

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These stories also bring to the forefront how reliant we are on our car or bakkie to take us safely to our destination and tow the trailer or caravan along, whether down to the coast, from the coast up to the Kruger or anywhere else you may be heading to. Some of us even do some off road driving over the December holidays such as dune riding in Namibia, etc.

At Steves Auto Clinic we beef up our capacity before the holidays to make sure we can service all of the cars, bakkies and SUVs that pop in before the summer break. We are also proud supporters of the MIWA Free Holiday Check initiative that assist our customers in identifying potential problems and repairing their vehicles ahead of the holidays helping to reduce road accidents over the festive season.

For anyone who is unsure if they should service their vehicle now or leave it for the new year, keep in mind that a holiday trip – with all of the travels while at the holiday destination – could easily add up to 3000 kilometres or more to your odometer. If you are still unsure pop in to your nearest Steves Auto Clinic branch where our team of service advisors and trained technicians are at the ready to inspect your vehicle and give you advice on what you should look at before heading on holiday.

While you are checking in to your Steves branch, also make sure to chat to them about our range of trusted performance improvement products and consider spoiling yourself with an early Christmas present making your holiday trip even more comfortable with some extra power on tap. The range of performance upgrades on offer will make towing a large boat or caravan a cinch and just imagine how comfortable your long drive will be with so much extra power under your right foot. Contact the SAC Outlet near you to get a quote.

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The technical gurus at Steves Auto Clinic recently completed a full range of new performance upgrades for your Hilux, Fortuner, Ranger or Land Cruiser – to name but a few – and these upgrades may be just the thing for your Christmas stocking.