Fuel Injector

Testing And Servicing


It is very easy for a fuel injector to become faulty? The question is, do you test and service your car’s fuel injectors regularly? Or, are you of the opinion that you can simply let injectors be without looking after them? If you think the latter is the case, be sure to be in for a big surprise. Prevention is always the best medicine, especially when it comes to your car’s injectors. Take care of your car’s injectors, test and service them to prevent any of the following issues.



It is true, the most common cause of component failure is wear and tear and poor maintenance. That is why it is of critical importance to exercise precautionary care. Part of such care is to know beforehand when an injector is faulty. The injectors are part of the fuel supply system; any problems with them can cause serious engine issues. Issues such as these may render your vehicle non-functional. Be aware of the following common problems associated with fuel injectors.


Engine performance

The main symptoms of a failing injector are engine misfire, a decrease in both engine power, acceleration, and fuel efficiency. In severe cases, it can cause stalling or prevent the engine from running at all. The tricky part is that you will not be able to know which injector may be failing. That is why you should bring your car to Steves. At Steves Auto Clinic, qualified mechanics and specialists will test, identify faulty injectors and service your car’s injectors.


Dirty & Clogged Fuel Injectors

Residue on fuel injectors can cause severe issues, such as weak and uneven spray patterns. Debris or impurities in the fuel may contribute to the clogging of injectors. A clogged fuel injector will not be able to supply sufficient fuel. Your car’s engine performance will definitely be affected by an injector in such a condition. Luckily Steves Auto Clinic are there to inject new life into your fuel injectors. Just contact us today for a test and service of your injectors.


Fuel odour

Is there a strong presence of fuel vapours in your vehicle? This may be a sign of a failing injector. The high-pressurized system of the injector can occasionally cause fuel to leak around the connection points of the mechanism. Keep your senses alert for the presence of excessive fuel vapours. If (when) such vapours are present, have a Steves Auto Clinic professional inspect and service those injectors.


Fuel Injector Fail To Open or Close

Faulty windings (due to overheating or shorting out) and a rusted injector may cause an injector not to open. When this happens the injector will be unable to deliver fuel through its nozzle. In addition, a faulty spring, fuel impurities or a build-up of rust, may prevent fuel injector from closing properly. This will cause leakage of fuel. To diagnose a faulty injector, bring your car to your nearest Steves Auto Clinic for a proper injector inspection and injector service.


Faulty Solenoid

Are you aware that most fuel injectors use electronics to control the opening and closing of the nozzle? What do you think will happen if something goes wrong with the electronics? Well, the solenoid creates a magnetic field that pulls up the injector pintle when the injector is energized. If the magnetic field is not strong enough to overcome the spring and fuel pressure, the injector may not open. When it fails to open all the way, it will bring about performance issues.


The issues discussed here, necessitate the importance of inspecting and servicing your car’s injectors at least twice yearly. Sometimes an injector fault can easily be remedied, but mostly it will require trained mechanics and technicians to do this. At Steves Auto Clinic, we will conduct a string of tests to isolate faulty injectors. Entrust your car in our care because we have the means and the expertise to address faulty injectors. Why go somewhere else? Bring your car to us, leaders in the automotive servicing and repair industry.