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Steves Auto Clinic has the best solution should you feel the need to improve the handling capabilities of your rugged Ford Ranger. At Steves Auto Clinic we will combine a high performance suspension upgrade (including Koni performance shocks) with your Ford Ranger’s tyres and wheels for better handling and a more enjoyable drive.

If you are looking to upgrade the suspension of your Ford Ranger for a better driving experience, talk to a professional consultant at Steves Auto Clinic today. With Steves Auto Clinic branches across South Africa, you too can install high performance Koni shock absorbers in your Ford Ranger and experience the many benefits thereof. Contact a Steves Auto Clinic branch near you – Boksburg, Centurion, Midrand, Vanderbijlpark, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Nelspruit, Klerksdorp and Durban.

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About Koni Shock Absorbers / Suspension for your Ford Ranger – High performance

Koni offer performance based shocks for your specific Ford Ranger requirements and needs. Choose from the following Koni performance shocks for your Ford Ranger:

  • Koni Special (Red) – The Koni Special shock absorbers were developed for drivers who want to improve their vehicle in general by providing better comfort and handling.
  • Koni Sport (Yellow) – Koni Sport Shocks were developed specifically for sporting drivers by focusing on exceptional road holding and handling properties, combined with an acceptable level of comfort.
  • Heavy Track RAID (Off Road / 4×4 Suspension and Damping) Koni Heavy Track RAID shocks are reliable high quality replacement performance parts for customers who seek a non-sophisticated but effective product for Off Road / 4×4 purposes.

Advantages of shock / suspension upgrades

Most modern vehicles’ suspensions have been designed to ensure adequate performance under a number of different conditions. As an individual, your personal vehicle needs might not be met by the shocks in your Ford Ranger, which is where Koni Socks and Suspension upgrades from Steves Auto Clinic come in.

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Aftermarket performance shocks offer the advantage of improved handling at high speed, as well as off-road conditions that are very rocky and bumpy (especially applicable to 4×4 vehicles). Performance shocks form Koni are even adjustable, so you will be able to fine tune the performance for a better driving experience. Koni shocks also meet the desired quality you would like for your Ford Ranger, offering a durable and robust design, ideal for your 4×4 vehicle.

Contact Steves Auto Clinic for Ford Ranger performance shocks

Steves Auto Clinic is a leading service provider when it comes to your Ford Ranger’s shocks and suspension upgrades. We will offer an integrated performance solution so that you can experience a more enjoyable and satisfying drive. Trust our experienced technicians at Steves Auto Clinic to supply your with excellent services for your For Ranger’s shock and suspension upgrade needs.