Are you in need of a service provider who will offer you the best fuel injectors for your Ford Ranger, with excellent levels of service? Come to Steves Auto Clinic for all your car maintenance, repairs and performance enhancement needs.

When it comes to fuel injectors, Steves Auto Clinic is truly the best in the business; we possess the latest technology, and continuously strive to improve and develop our services, machinery and technology. For Ford Ranger diesel injector refurbishment and replacement, contact Steves Auto Clinic today for professional service and top quality vehicle parts, including fuel injectors.

Injector repairs, refurbishment and replacement at Steves Auto Clinic

Steves Auto Clinic owns the best technology when it comes to testing the fuel injectors for your Ford Ranger. We will test the spray patterns of the diesel injectors, to determine exactly which injectors are in need of refurbishment or replacement.

When it comes to your Ford Ranger’s injectors’ needs, Steves Auto Clinic is the best in the business. We will determine the problem in no time, an offer you the best solution for your vehicle. At Steve’s Auto Clinic we understand how important your vehicle is to you, and will aim to get the job done efficiently and with satisfying results.

Signs that your Ford Ranger is in need of fuel / diesel injector refurbishment or replacement

There are many signs that could indicate that your Ford Ranger’s injectors are in need of refurbishment or replacement. If your vehicle shows any of the following issues, it might be time to bring your Ford Ranger in to Steves Auto Clinic for fuel injector repairs:

  • Struggling to start properly
  • The uneven idling of your vehicle
  • If your Ford Ranger shows any flat spots or loss of power
  • Higher fuel consumption that usual

The above are all signs of fuel injectors that need replacement or repairs. Steves Auto Clinic will assess your Ford Ranger, and test the injectors to pin point where the problem lies.

Car maintenance, repairs and performance specialists in South Africa – for your Ford Ranger injector needs

The team at Steves Auto Clinic is specialised in the different cars and models, which is why Steves Auto Clinic are considered leaders in the car repair and performance enhancement industry. No matter which luxury vehicle you prefer, Steves Auto Clinic will supply you with the injectors you need for optimum results.