Your Exhaust Specialists


Don’t let exhaust issues exhaust your patience. At Steves Auto Clinic we specialise in car care, maintenance, and upgrades. We have decades of experience when it comes to exhaust replacement, upgrades and even custom building an exhaust for you.


Exhaust replacement

You may wonder: “When is it time to replace my car’s exhaust?” There are a few pointers to look out for that may indicate that you have an exhaust problem.


Wear and Tear

It is inevitable – every single part of your car have to face daily wear and tear. No car part is designed to last forever, so, the reality is that components in cars break down over time. It is because of this that you should have professionals check your exhaust system on a yearly basis. This is to diagnose possible problems as a result of simple wear and tear.


A Loud Exhaust

An unusual amount of noise from your exhaust system may indicate the presence of a break or a crack somewhere. It is very important to get this repaired as soon as possible.


Corrosion and a Loss of Engine Power

Acidic moisture is any exhaust’s enemy because it corrodes the exhaust. A corroded exhaust can lead to a leak and result in a decrease in engine power, acceleration, and fuel efficiency. Are you fed up with your mild steel exhaust that rust or corrode so fast? Bring your car to us at Steves Auto Clinic and replace it with a stainless steel system. A stainless steel system will cost you more but it will resist corrosion.


Hanging Exhaust Pipe

Rubber brackets that hold the exhaust pipes firmly in place, will degrade over time. When this happens, you may find that the exhaust system starts to hang loose. It can even result in the exhaust dragging on the road. Allow us to fix this for you if you want to avoid any further damage to the exhaust system.


These pointers will tell you that you need to bring your car to your nearest Steves Auto Clinic. The reason is simple enough! We have the expertise, the equipment, and the friendly service to alleviate your exhaust woes.


Exhaust upgrades

Do you want to improve engine flow? Remember, small diameter exhaust piping limits exhaust flow. The answer: upgrade your car’s intake and exhaust. Yes, you should indeed consider upgrading that small diameter factory exhaust piping with bigger diameter piping. The bigger the diameter of your exhaust, the less obstruction there will be. This will result in an increase in flow and hey, you can even free up some horsepower in the process. Talking about horsepower, upgrade your exhaust to a high-performance exhaust system. Such a system is more efficient at removing and filtering gases and can substantially alter your car’s sound and looks. Most importantly, however, is that high-performance exhausts will boost your car’s performance. So, whether you want to upgrade your entire exhaust system or just a part of it, trust Steves Auto Clinic. We have qualified mechanics and technicians to handle all your exhaust upgrade needs.


Custom Building Your Exhaust

You have a choice. Will it be a bolt-on exhaust or a custom built one? Bolt-on kits are easy to install and they are made to fit your car’s specific make and model. But, what if there is no bolt-on option available for your car? Another downside to a bolt-on system is that it offers you nothing more than the standard performance. So, rethink your choice. Rather opt for a custom built exhaust that can provide a greater level of refinement than a bolt-on system. At Steves Auto Clinic we can (and want to) custom build your car’s exhaust system. Whether you require a full system or a part system, Steves are here to assist you.


Don’t let your exhaust be an exhausting experience as a car owner. At Steves Auto Clinic, we always do our best to keep your car safe and on the road. We have branches countrywide that is well-equipped, with highly qualified mechanics and friendly staff willing to assist you. If you want your car’s exhaust diagnosed, replaced, fixed or upgraded, then simply visit your nearest Steves Auto Clinic.