Engine Repairs & ECU Repairs

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Engine Repairs

Engine repairs can be a costly exercise if not done correctly. The engine is after all the heart of your car. It is the part that keeps your car going, so it makes perfect sense to look after it. Unfortunately, as a car owner, life can easily throw a spanner or two in the works of your engine. When you are stuck with a faulty car, especially in the fast-paced world of today, you are truly stuck. If this happens to you, who will you call? Certainly not the Ghostbusters… No, you will have to call Steves Auto Clinic.


At Steves Auto Clinic, we know very well how easily unforeseen engine problems can rear its head. As is usually the case, such problems stick their heads out at the most inconvenient moments. That is why we know how important it is to swiftly, professionally and thoroughly attend to repairing your car’s engine. We have decades of experience as well as well-trained and highly educated mechanics and specialists to oversee any engine repairs.


Our experience taught us that the most common engine repairs are the following:

Replacing the oxygen sensor, ignition coil and spark plugs, glow plugs, thermostat and mass air flow sensor. The filters (air, oil and fuel) also need to be frequently replaced. We not only conduct troubleshooting and repairing of engine problems. No, we go as far as to rebuild entire engines. From faulty engine codes and dashboard errors to replacing timing belts, chains, and bent valves, we do it all. There is no engine repair task that is too big for us at Steves. Be sure to contact us today for any engine repair requirement.


ECU Repairs and Diagnostics

The engine may be the heart of your car, but the Engine Control Unit (ECU) is the brain. The purpose of the ECU is to control functions of the engine and other components by way of sensors. It monitors a series of outputs of your car and then it controls certain inputs to ensure everything runs fine. Because nothing in life is perfect, we know too well that things can go wrong. With the ECU things can go wrong too, and when it does, expect havoc. That is why it is so important to diagnose your ECU at least once a year.


There are a few symptoms to look out for when it comes to troubleshooting a bad ECU. If the check engine light stays on after resetting, it might indicate a faulty ECU. Your car’s engine may turn off for no reason or you may experience sporadic starting problems. Even corrosion or breaks in the internal wiring in the harness can cause an ECU to become faulty. It is advisable not to jump-start a car fitted with an ECU, on reverse polarity. Ensure that the ECU is properly grounded. A poorly grounded ECU may cause problems. If the ECU overheats or experience water and fire damage, then expect common ECU issues. Finally, any apparent loss of spark or injection pulse may also be due to a faulty EC.


What are you to do when you expect your car’s ECU to be faulty? Contact Steves Auto Clinic immediately. We will have your ECU tested in no time. We are in partnership with a third party who will reprogram, fix or replace your car’s ECU. Trust a forerunner in the field of ECU repairs; trust Steves Auto Clinic.