ECU Software upgrades, ECU Remapping, ECU Tuning & Reflash

ECU Software Updates

Almost all modern engines today are not delivering their full potential of power and torque. This ‘torque dampening’ as it is called is being done by manufacturers electronically via the vehicle’s ECU. So what we do at SAC with our SAC ECU Software Update is electronically allow some of this torque to be freed up and make your vehicle’s engine deliver closer to its true performance potential.

Your vehicle retains all its inherent OEM engine safety parameters and you simply get a more powerful vehicle that remains smooth, if not even smoother than before, along with a vehicle that is easy to drive on normal pump fuel and stays within other normal driving functions.

We will also keep a copy of your vehicle’s original ‘torque dampening’ map on file and that way should you want or need to change back to completely factory standard you can.

ECU Software Upgrade Pricing Options

Pricing for the SAC ECU Software Upgrade range from R6 000 and up, vehicle dependent, and this includes any fitment, sundries and dyna testing.

The SAC ECU Software Update equipment is not yet available at all SAC workshops countrywide, but we have a facility and process in place that ensures that no matter the SAC workshop we can do an SAC ECU Software Upgrade on your vehicle.

SAC offers an ECU Software upgrade on most of the major vehicle brands in South Africa, including in Ford Ranger, BMW, Volkswagen Golf, Citroen, Audi, Mercedes, Fiat, Peugeot, Opel Corsa, Honda and Renault.