Diesel Particulate Filter Problems?

Recalibrate the software in the vehicles ECU and remove the blocked DPF.

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A blocked or damaged diesel particulate filter or (DPF) as they are well known in the industry can be extremely costly to repair and will often cause your vehicle to go into a “limp me home” mode and reduce the performance substantially.

In short without getting too technical these filters are located downstream in the exhaust system of diesel turbo powered vehicles and the purpose of such a filter is to do exactly this, filter out all the diesel particulate matter or soot from the exhaust gas exiting the engine. This will in turn favor our world-wide efforts to clean up the heavily polluted environment.
These filters get blocked by the soot exiting the engine and although the engines and electronic control units are designed to regenerate or clean these filters automatically, this does not happen in most vehicles and is aggravated by our diesel fuel quality here in South Africa.
It is a problem world-wide but more so in South Africa as a result of our best quality diesel fuel available being 50ppm. At some filling stations we aren’t even able to get 50ppm and have to settle for much worse. There was talk of us having 10ppm diesel fuel here in South Africa this year, but it did not happen.

SAC Diesel Particulate Filters

Most of the OEM dealerships like VW, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Ford, Kia, Hyundai etc. are charging anywhere between R 20 000-00 & R 40 000-00 to replace these filters when they are blocked and unable to be repaired. Many of our clients are opting or choosing to have these blocked DPF Filters removed. On most makes and models this would cause your vehicle to go into a “limp me home” mode and set off a number of engine check lights or trouble codes. This is where the problem lies.

As usual SAC has a solution for this problem. You will need to phone your closest SAC service advisor to follow the right course of action. Yes the blocked DPF needs to be removed and then the ECU of the vehicle will need to be updated with new software to allow the vehicle to run efficiently with a removed or disabled DPF. The engines tuning also needs to be optimized in order to minimize harmful gasses exiting the rear of your vehicle thereby helping clean up and creating a green environment.

The cost of this entire process will be substantially less than a replacement DPF and will leave you with a little extra power on tap. Many of the smaller diesel turbo vehicles i.e. VW Polo and Audi are very widely affected by this problem and we have successfully sorted them out simply by recalibrating the software in the vehicles ECU and removing the blocked DPF. In some cases we are able to save clients as much as R 25 000-00.