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Founded on Innovation, Integrity and Professionalism, Steves Auto Clinic (SAC) has proven time and again why they are the best of the best in the automotive performance enhancement and maintenance industry within South Africa.

With an exceptional track record when it comes to customer service and the quality of the work they deliver, SAC is always considered to be the first choice for new and well established customers alike. Throughout their rich history of being in business for 30 years, the company has endured many trials and hardships along the way.

Albeit repeatedly having to keep ahead with both international and local trends in the industry, having had to constantly retrain their employees as new technology was developed or taking risks with the business in order to grow.

company profile SAC


automotive company profile

SAC has outlived and outperformed many a competitor to become a household name. In fact, they have excelled at everything they do.

Established in the early 80’s in a small workshop in Vanderbijlpark by the visionary Stephen Fischer, SAC today boasts various branches and divisions under the company’s ever growing business-umbrella. SAC’s individual shop owners and employees are chosen for and driven by one simple yet utterly important attribute, passion.

It’s what has secured a bright future for everyone involved, the one thing that places a warm smile on the receptionist’s face, which fuels the creativity of the wizard-mechanics and drives the company’s management to strive for success. Be assured that SAC is distinct from its competitors and not just another drop-off point for your car to be serviced, it’s the place where your motor vehicle comes to be treated royally by the very best the industry has to offer.

Throughout the years SAC has achieved much in the way of setting new trends or coming up with new ways in which to do specialist performance enhancements on both old and new vehicles. Who will ever forget how the ever popular Alfa Romeo’s of the 80’s were replaced by the spacious Combi’s, the pocket rockets and later the speedy Golf GTI’s, how SAC joined the world of Motorsport and how they soon became an essential part of that arena in Kyalami, or how SAC’s innovation extended to their own engineering division where their entrepreneurship replaced the import of expensive products with the manufacturing of their very own parts instead.

SAC is the best, only because they work with the best and make use of the best equipment and products available today.

From their top-notch employees, state-of-the-art tuning and diagnostic equipment and their exceptional professional customer service, SAC should be the one and only choice you ever make. Three decades worth of sweat, dedication and knowledge is what we offer every customer entrusting us with their vehicles.

SAC is proud to be the country’s leading automotive specialists.