Clutch Overhauls, Repairs & Replacements

Clutch Overhaul

Today’s traffic volumes are definitely taking its toll on vehicle clutches, with the average city-bound vehicle’s clutch working much harder than was the norm a few years ago.

At Steve’s Auto Clinic we can assess your vehicle’s clutch and advise you on its expected life span, the chance of servicing the clutch and the option of skimming or replacing the adjacent fly wheel to ensure that the clutch works as smooth as the day it drove of the showroom floor. Flywheels are manufactured as a solid or dual mass wheel and the technical specialists at Steve’s Auto Clinic are well versed in both alternatives.

In most cases preventative maintenance is well worth the effort as it prevents dreaded consequential damage on related parts such as the flywheel, which is prone to crack if the repairs are not done correctly or in time.

When replacing or repairing the clutch assembly, technicians will replace the clutch pressure plate and release bearing and it has access to genuine manufacturer parts or good quality alternatives at an affordable price.

So if your vehicle has strange noises or feels different or funny from when you got it, call us.

Steves Auto Clinic (SAC) can perform this inspection or evaluation and or replacement at affordable prices – a fraction of the cost of the OEM (Manufacturer Rates). We utilize either original equipment if required or best superior quality alternative parts for the replacement purposes. Also remember our workmanship and parts is covered by our SAC Why Worry Warranty.