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Chip tuning – Performance enhancement specialists in South Africa

So you’ve heard about chip tuning your car, and you’re looking into the possibility of enhancing your vehicle’s performance. You have come to just the right place! Chip tuning needn’t be a scary thought if you know what it is about and if you use professional automotive performance enhancement specialists in South Africa – like Steves Auto Clinic.
Chip tuning is about modifying the erasable and programmable memory chip in your vehicle’s electronic control unit. This is done to achieve the best performance your car can put out, which ultimately results in more power, better fuel efficiency and even cleaner emissions. You’ve also most probably heard a few bad things about chip tuning, which is why it is extremely important to choose a professional and reputable tuning and vehicle service provider who knows the industry well.

Why to consider chip tuning your car

Most cars are not manufactured and set to deliver the maximum power when leaving the factory – mainly to make the fuel consumption stats as attractive as possible, and also to save on costs, as mapping each engine individually would be a costly exercise. Knowing that your newly purchased vehicle is not delivering its maximum power and performance, why not achieve this with a chip?
A professionally developed car chip will increase your vehicle’s performance as well as it’s fuel economy. Car chips have been designed for every car model currently on the market. So whether you’re looking into optimising the performance of your new Toyota Hilux, Fortuner, Ford Ranger, Nissan Navara, Volkswagen Amarok or Isuzu KB series to name a few, your chip is specifically designed for optimal results. Steves Auto Clinic is a well-known and reputable service provider for installing and tuning car chips throughout South Africa – aiming to get the best performance out of your car, without losing its reliability.

What to expect when chip tuning your car

You’ve heard a lot about increasing power and enhancing performance – but what exactly can you expect after chip tuning your car? If you choose to install a Unichip for example, you can expect that the power output of your car will increase by 10-30KW. But as no two engines are the same, your car will be tuned individually to gain maximum output. In some cases, as much as 50KW power has been gained after installing the Unichip.

Diesel Chip Performance Enhancements

Performance chip tuning is becoming more and more popular amongst diesel vehicle owners in South Africa. As times are changing, performance chips are no longer just for racing and power. Today, many 4×4 owners wish to increase their vehicle’s power, as it truly improves their driving experience. With the number of larger diesel vehicles being manufactures and developed, the demand for diesel chips has increased immensely. Better performance means using the right amount of power vs. the right amount of fuel for optimal power output and fuel economy. Diesel vehicles are no longer just use for loading and work purposes like in the past, but rather used as luxury family vehicles. And if you are driving one of these monsters every day, you too would want the best performance regarding power and fuel efficiency you can get from your luxury 4×4.

Plug & Play for Turbo Diesel

The U-Connect Plug & Play is simply plugged in the electronic control unit to improve your vehicle’s performance. Your vehicle could provide up to 30% more power, give you a smoother engine performance, and increase the Torque output. Most 4×4’s are heavy vehicles, consuming fuel at an alarming rate, not to mention how painfully slow some turbo diesel vehicles are. But there is hope.
The U-connect Plug & Play is fitted by our experienced tuners with genuine manufacturers (OEM) Electronic Control Unit connectors specific to the vehicle model, so you simply unplug the vehicles wiring harness from the ECU, plug the vehicles harness into the PowerPlug and plug the PowerPlug harness into the ECU. The U-Connect PowerPlug can also be fitted with its own exhaust gas and coolant temperature sensors, which continuously monitor and if necessary adjust the fuelling as a safety precaution for the engine.
Steves Auto Clinic also offers a power-up conversion for naturally aspirated diesels, leading to an increase of up to 33% more power. Some benefits include: fewer gear changes, no visual changes in the engine bay, low maintenance cost, more power and torque, no risk of overheating and improved fuel consumption.

Quality performance enhancement & car services at Steves Auto Clinic

At Steves Auto Clinic you can rest assured that your petrol or turbo diesel vehicle will be professionally chip tuned to give you a more rewarding driving experience. Steves Auto Clinic is a leading supplier and service provider in the automotive performance enhancing industry, with 9 branches nationwide. It’s comforting to know that all Steves Auto Clinic branches are AA approved, ensuring top quality products and service. In addition to this, Steves Auto Clinic also gives a 6 month / 20 000km ‘Why Worry Warranty’ on all work done – to set your worries at ease. Chip tuning your vehicle is only one of the many services we provide. We specialise in the following automotive services:
  • Vehicle Services (Petrol & Turbo Diesel)
  • Vehicle Maintenance and Repairs
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Vehicle Power, Torque Enhancement and Conversions.