Steves Auto Clinic

Bargain Servicing – You Get What You Pay For!

Who hasn’t seen or been tempted by the offers to service your car for a mere R495? I am sure we all have, times are tough and money is tight, so it has to be tempting. But can you really service a vehicle for R495? Depends on what your definition of a service is, but the short answer is, no! All one has to do is the simple maths and you will see that it doesn’t add up and that somewhere somebody is going to go short. And then if you read the small print that accompanies these deals, you know it is going to happen, and this person is more than likely going to be you. An oil change is not a service, it is what it says it is, an oil change, and this is what you mostly get for your R495. What about changing other vital components like the air filter and spark plugs? When this needs to be done, these very same budget outlets start charging you well in excess of R1 000, and we have even seen prices go as high as R 3 795 when the extra plugs and filter are added. Not such a bargain no more is it? Go price only the spares yourself, choosing quality multi grade oil, recognized brand name oil filter, spark plugs and air filter and you will see that there is almost, if not nothing left over at the end of the day for that workshop to be making any money. No business can survive like this without cutting corners somewhere. Then you have to ask yourself a few more questions when considering going the budget route. Is my car completely insured while it is being worked on? Are the technicians comprehensively trained? Is the job being done to the correct specification? Are they using the correct tools? Does the workmanship and parts come with a warranty? Right down to the small details like, is my car going to washed and vacuumed before I collect it? At the end of the day it is your choice, but you need to be certain of what you are getting for money as your vehicle is normally your second most expensive purchase you will make after your home and can you really afford to be penny wise but pound foolish? At Steves Auto Clinic we are 100% sure of the quality and service we are delivering to our customers, so feel free to get a sales consultant to advise and quote you on exactly what you are paying for when you book your car into one of our branches situated countrywide