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Bakkie & SUV specialist workshops country wide offering you quality parts while remaining competitively priced.  Select specials offer available throughout the year and service packages that can be tailored to suit your pocket and your needs.

We understand your Petrol & Diesel – Bakkie or SUV – and offer only the best to ensure that we effectively position ourselves as a high-tech alternative to the Oem in the Automotive industry.

Steves Auto Clinic offers different servicing packages for bakkie owners to choose from for your bakkie servicing needs. Whether you are in need of a minor or intermediate service before you embark on your long road trip, or if it’s time for a major service, Steves Auto Clinic can assist. Choose from the following service packages at the leading bakkie service centre:

  • Minor bakkie servicing package: Our basic minor service package includes an oil and filter change, brake and power steering fluid level checks, and various other checks. See our complete list of checks included in our minor service package on our website.
  • Intermediate bakkie servicing package: Our intermediate service package for your bakkie will include fan belt, battery and cam belt checks and many more. See our full checklist for our intermediate service package online.
  • Major bakkie servicing package: Our major service package at this bakkie service centre includes a comprehensive check. See our extensive list of services included in our bakkie major service package, which includes everything from an oil change to wheel balancing.

Our professional team will ensure that your vehicle is back on the road in no time, and all at a very competitive price. Never take your vehicle to an untrustworthy service centre or individual that doesn’t offer a warranty – at Steves Auto Clinic you will receive a warranty on all work done in our shop. Our team members are experienced with the necessary knowledge to offer the best solution for your car. Try one of the best service centres in your area for the best results – contact a Steves Auto Clinic near you!

Bakkie Service & Maintenace

The importance of maintaining a regular service history

Vehicle owners often choose to skip certain services to save money, not knowing that this can cost them more in the long run – especially if parts need to be replaced due die wearing, causing other parts to get damaged in the process. Here’s why you should maintain your bakkie’s service history:

  • Important asset: Your vehicle is one of your most important assets, as you need it to go about your daily life and work activities – this is why it is essential to keep your vehicle in its best shape, so that you have a reliable vehicle for this purpose.
  • Service schedule: Your vehicle comes with a service schedule for a reason. Different aspects and parts need to be checked at different intervals, to ensure your vehicle is in its best shape. Skipping a service interval can have costly effects. Taking your vehicle for a service will also help to determine any underlying problems you might have, and sort out any issues you’re experiencing with your bakkie.
  • Saving you in the long run: Regular servicing will definitely save you money in the long run. It is much less expensive to take your bakkie for a service, than replacing parts due to no maintenance.


Bakkie Service Centre South Africa

Bakkie servicing, maintenance and repairs at Steves Auto Clinic

Steves Auto Clinic will take care of all you bakkie servicing, maintenance and repair needs. Preventative maintenance will ensure that your bakkie is in a reliable shape, helping to prevent bigger vehicle problems that are also usually very costly. By maintaining your vehicle as required, you can go about your daily business without having to worry about having a break down at the side of a road. Avoid breakdowns and costly repairs, bring your vehicle to one of our bakkie service centres near you.

Why choose Steves Auto Clinic for your bakkie’s servicing

Steves Auto Clinic is a leading bakkie service centre, with branches in various cities. Use our professional services for the following reasons:

  • Experience: Steves Auto Clinic boasts years of experience in the vehicle servicing industry, specialising in the wide variety of bakkies available – both older and newer models. We are experienced in servicing Toyota bakkies, Ford bakkies, Corsa bakkies, and more. Talk to the leading bakkie service centre today to book your vehicle’s next service.
  • Warranty: You will receive a Why Worry Warranty on all maintenance and repair jobs done by our team – because we believe that you should be able to trust your bakkie service centre, and have peace of mind when leaving your vehicle with us.
  • Affordable prices: Steves Auto Clinic offers very competitive prices on all of our services, maintenance and repair jobs. Get a quote today for your bakkie servicing.

Contact Steves Auto Clinic for your bakkie’s next service