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If you are considering a performance enhancement upgrade for your bakkie, yet you’re still not sure about the pros and cons, talk to an automotive performance enhancement specialist at Steves Auto Clinic to get the answers you need.

Steves Auto Clinic is seen as the renowned bakkie performance enhancement specialists in South Africa. Our vast experience in bakkie performance upgrades and the fact that we have our own Research and Development Centre enables us to provide our client with performance chips and conversions that deliver the desired results in a safe and efficient manner. Talk to the leading bakkie performance enhancement specialists in South Africa – Find a branch near you.


The benefits of a power upgrade for your bakkie

There are many reasons why bakkie owners choose to install performance chips and opt for performance conversions on their vehicles. Enjoy the following benefits of a bakkie performance enhancement upgrade:

  • More power: You can expect an increase of up to 30% more power when doing a performance conversion on your bakkie. The increased power and torque is especially beneficial on pull-aways, towing and overtaking other vehicles, when a little more power is required.
  • Fuel efficiency: The performance chip from Steves Auto Clinic available for your bakkie features different mappings to choose from. Should you desire a more fuel efficient drive, you can select the specific mapping to lower the fuel consumption of your bakkie.
  • Drivability: Another benefit is that you can expect to feel a noticeably smoother ride after a performance enhancement conversion on your bakkie.

Bakkie Performance Upgrades

It is easy to see why more and more bakkie owners are opting for performance enhancement conversions, as the benefits are 100% worth it. Talk to a performance enhancement specialist at a Steves Auto Clinic near you about your best performance upgrades options.

About the U-Connect Plug & Play

The U-Connect Plug & Play is seen as one of the leading performance chips in the market in South Africa today, due to its reliability, versatility and advanced technological capabilities. What makes this performance chip so popular amongst bakkie owners, is the fact that it is so easily installed, and that it offers such great benefits to vehicle owners. The U-Connect Plug & Play simply plugs into the bakkie’s Electronic Control Unit, which is then programmed to send specific information to your ECU regarding the adjustment of your bakkie’s timing, its fuel-to-air ratio, turbo boost and other aspects. The U-Connect Plug & Play does NOT alter your vehicle’s factory settings, and it can be removed at any time. Performance enhancement upgrades for your specific bakkie model Steves Auto Clinic has gained extensive experience in bakkie performance enhancement over that last years, which enables us to provide the best performance upgrade solution to every specific vehicle model and make. We are thus the best team for the job for your bakkie performance enhancement –

  • Toyota – Get more power for your reliable and durable Toyota bakkie. Whether you drive a Hilux, fortuner or Land Cruiser, Steves Auto Clinic has a suitable performance upgrade that will get the most from your beloved Toyota vehicle. Read more about our Toyota performance upgrades
  • Isuzu – This already robust and powerful machine can greatly benefit form a performance conversion, gaining power and torque, as well as a more enjoyable drive. Read more about our Isuzu performance upgrades available
  • Volkswagen – Tap into this reliable machine’s available power to help it reach its full potential. Read more about our Volkswagen bakkie performance upgrades

Ford – Ford bakkies are synonymous with toughness and power. Get the most from this powerful machine with performance upgrades from Steves Auto Clinic – read more about our Ford Ranger upgrades.


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What sets Steves Auto Clinic apart as leading automotive enhancement specialists

Steves Auto Clinic has been in the performance enhancement business for many years. During this time we have tried and tested performance upgrades, performance parts and conversions in order to find the best solution for each vehicle model and make. Here’s why you should trust our team at Steves Auto Clinic:

  • Service: We will provide you with excellent levels of serving, and aim to get yor vehicle bak on the road
  • Quality: You can rest assured knowing that we will install high quality parts that will meet your expectations. Our performance arts are reliable and durable, and will help your vehicle to perform at its best.
  • Affordable: Performance upgrades can become quite costly – at Steves Auto Clinic we aim to give the best prices on our bakkie performance enhancement upgrades, making it affordable for our clients to get the desired power upgrades for their vehicles.

Talk to Steves Auto Clinic about your power upgrade needs

Contact the leading bakkie performance enhancement specialists to offer you a suitable solution to your specific bakkie’s power upgrade needs. Talk to an automotive performance specialist at your nearest Steves Auto Clinic branch.

Bolt on exhausts

Gone are the days that you take your half a million-rand Bakkie to a corner exhaust shop for a cheap free flow exhaust. It’s fair to say that the bolt-on free flow exhausts of today at SAC have been revolutionized and are becoming more and more popular amongst the enthusiasts. It is no longer just a poorly welded and routed exhaust that rattles and knocks over every bump, it is a properly engineered, big bore, mandrill bent stainless steel-low restriction exhaust system.  It is manufactured in such a way to be a bolt-on fitment in a workshop with very little effort to ensure perfection. Seeing the exhaust system in its raw form, packed and laying on a shelf – it is clear to see that this is an export quality product that will be installed on your vehicle, and it will compliment without any doubt – the performance enhancement plug and play kit and or upgraded intercooler system in many ways – most of all the sound and power will be much improved.  The bolt-on exhaust system is routed along the exact same rout under your vehicle and hangs with similar brackets on the standard rubbers.  The heat protection that has been provided by the manufacturer under your vehicle to protect the undercarriage is still effective and useful with the fitment of these bolt-on exhaust systems. So, if you want the ultimate Bakkie performance enhancement package speak to our sales and service advisors about a bolt-on exhaust system. Contact us today for your free quotation.