Affordable Quality Alternative Parts For Popular Out Of Warranty Vehicles

The Toyota Hilux has proved to be one of the most popular bakkies in South Africa. Through-out the different design generations these vehicles were seen being utilised for private transport, day to day delivery and collections, as dedicated allocations for fleet owners, rough and tough farm work, military transport etc.

Currently, the eighth generation Hilux is carrying forward a reputation of exceptional reliability and sturdiness that was started in 1968 with the first generation of this model line-up, and is at the forefront of modern bakkies, showing off of a striking design with bold, aggressive lines.

From the range of engines that are designed to deliver more power against less fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions the D-4D, also serving as an option in the Fortuner range, proves to be a popular choice as power plant.

The D-4D is a straight four-cylinder turbo diesel engine with a double overhead camshaft and 16 valve design. It uses common rail injection technology that operates at very high pressures of up to 1350 bar.
Service intervals for these vehicles are as follows:

  • Every 10 000 km for minor services.
  • Change of oil and oil filter.
  • Check fluid levels, condition of the multi-groove belt, wheel bearings, and wear on the brake pads etc.


Major service at 40 000 km:

  • As per normal service but also including all other filters.
  • The cambelt should be due for replacement between 130 000 and 150 000 km.


Steves Auto Clinic offers guaranteed high quality parts over an extremely wide range at affordable prices to keep your Hilux in tip-top condition. At our well-equipped workshops our highly trained staff is ready to assist with your vehicle services and maintenance.

Having a well-equipped refurbishment facility at our Centurion branch core parts are carefully inspected and tested by trained and competent staff before it is given a second life to be fitted to your bakkie at a fraction of the price of a new part. At Steves Auto Clinic we are specialists with Hilux and Fortuner D-4D turbo charger and diesel injector replacement, refurbishing and repairs.

We also offer proven and reliable performance upgrades that cover a variety of tuning options. The new Q-Chip allows exciting multiple options to optimise the performance of your Fortuner and Hilux D-4D. Our specially developed bolt on exhausts and intercooler conversions will put your Toyota in a class of its own.

To cut back on claim approval times trained technicians in the workshop can make a decision based on a thorough inspection of a failed unit.

We have strategically placed Steves Auto Clinic branches all over South Africa where our experienced and well trained workshop teams will gladly take care of your Hilux and Fortuner.