At SAC we have some strong communication channels and coupled to our regular field visits to the various SAC shops all around the country, we are able to obtain excellent feedback.

It comes from the sales personnel, workshop managers and the people on the floors so its accurate and I think really useful. Word has it that our customer’s vehicles are deteriorating slowly but surely mainly as a direct result of the pressing economic times that we are currently experiencing or exposed to. Service intervals are stretched somewhat and maintenance or more specifically preventative maintenance is being compromised.

Now while this is a normal reaction and we understand that, we would like to again encourage all our customers new or existing to talk to our service advisors – sales personnel about prioritizing the necessary repairs and or maintenance, including preventative maintenance. You need to ask for and discuss all the options in depth. If the work needs to be done and it gets left undone, eventually it’s too late.

The net result being either a road side breakdown or a huge unexpected repair bill at some stage or another. We are also seeing more and more of our clients opting for the R395.00 (Traffic light or street corner) service offerings or DIY efforts for every other service. This doesn’t work and becomes a nightmare in most cases. There are definitely ways to save money while keeping your vehicle’s wheels turning and reliable and now more than ever you need to educate yourself on how to do this while also looking after your personal finances.