Potential faults on the Isuzu KB 300

The Best/Worst 4×4 By Far


Whenever SAC embark upon the journey of gathering information regarding the issues some vehicles may pose to their owners, we share that information with the sole purpose of keeping vehicle owners informed regarding what they may expect from their vehicles. It by no means implies that every owner of the Isuzu KB 300 will experience the same issues that every other KB 300 owner experience. The truth of this is very clear because owners of the same vehicle make and model will usually give testimonies of diverse experiences. It is also important to always keep in mind that many factors will play a role in determining how you experience your vehicle that are in many ways not related to the OE manufacturer.

With the Isuzu KB 300, this status quo remains. A simple glimpse at Hellopeter will serve as testimony to the diverse experience people have of the same vehicle make and model. One owner had his KB 300 for 4 years, and embarked on plenty of off-roading, did not experience a single problem with his vehicle and considered it a joy to possess. In just the following line another owner stated that the Isuzu KB 300 was not only the worst bakkie ever made but so was the after sales service. Only two days after buying a brand new KB 300, the release bearing on the gearbox had to be replaced. If this wasn’t enough, the brakes gave problems and the glove box on the dashboard failed to open anymore. That owner considered the KB 300 to be the worst 4×4 by far.

It should be against the backdrop of this that owners of the Isuzu KB 300, with more than 200 000 trouble-free kilometres on the clock, should refrain from viewing the issues highlighted below, as a witch hunt. As mentioned in an earlier article regarding the VW Amarok, a rising tide lifts all boats. Steves Auto Clinic, as a leading automotive repair and service franchise in South Africa, strive towards sharing experiences of vehicle owners among each other. One of our service philosophies is simple: prevent problems beforehand by fixing small things before they turn into bigger things. In order to act preventatively, awareness needs to be created. Knowledge is indeed a weapon to the same extent that ignorance is an enemy.


Auto Gearbox

Some owners had the experience of their auto gearbox making a whining sound, slipping and then the vehicle decrease in speed. No visible leaks or lose connections seemed to be the reason for this and all fluid levels were equally found to be fine. What ultimately seemed to be the problem was the radiator that leaked coolant into the gearbox and this caused damage to the auto box. What few people may know is that the radiator consists of two sections, one for coolant and one for automatic transmission fluid (ATF). A leakage may occur and coolant will then enter the ATF section. When this happens, the clutch linings will separate from the drive plates and the latter will slip. It is this slipping that causes the whining sound initially referred to. When this happens, consider it as a serious issue. Usually the gearbox will require reconditioning and the drive plates will need to be replaced and realigned. If ever you experience this with your KB 300, bring your vehicle to your nearest Steve Auto Clinic where one or more of our well-trained mechanics will remedy this for you. After all, Steves Auto Clinic remains the leader when it comes to car service and repairs.

Excessive Fuel Consumption

The Isuzu KB 300 has a combined cycle consumption of approximately 7,7L / 100 Km (12.9 Km/L) yet many owners raised the issue of poor consumption. What may be the cause of this? Heavy fuel consumption can easily be caused by a faulty fuel injector pump, so it is advisable to start here on your path of problem finding. As was the case in the KB 250, you can also have the injectors checked. It may have a poor spray pattern, a distortion that can only be seen after having it tested. It will also be wise to have the suction control valve inspected because dirty diesel may cause this to pack up. Whichever the case may be, rather be on the safe side and don’t let bad consumption tear a hole in your pocket. Let one of Steves Auto Clinic’s mechanics investigate your vehicle for poor consumption, especially nowadays where fuel and diesel prices are at their all-time high.


Engine Light Comes On

What is the cause of an engine light just turning on?The cause of this may be more serious than you may think. It is usually sane advice to have all the filters inspected and to ensure that these are tight and not sucking in any air. You should also ensure that the water trap is empty because if there is too much water present in the water trap, the engine light may come on. It should be mentioned that some models have a dedicated light for the water trap, but no harm will be done to still check the water trap, even if there is a dedicated light for this trap.

A more common cause for the engine light to just go on is the exhaust gas reticulation (EGR) valve. Ensure that the EGR valve is not blocked. The suction control valve may also be a cause for the light to come on, but more about the suction control valve in particular, a bit later. Whenever your vehicle’s engine light turns on, it means that there is an issue present somewhere. Have this issue addressed by having it checked by one of our friendly mechanics at a SAC Service Centre branch near you.


Suction Control Valve (SCV)

Having just mentioned the suction control valve, it will be relevant to say something about this valve. Many owners are blissfully unaware of the fact that a faulty suction control valve may be responsible for their vehicle’s reduced performance as well as starting and idling issues. We already learned that a faulty SCV could be responsible for increased fuel consumption and for the engine light to turn on. The problem seems to arise due to dirt contamination inside this valve, resulting in a failure of the said valve. Because of these issues, Isuzu introduced a more robust and redesigned suction control valve than the one found on the older models. These suction control valve kits are available if ever you suspect your vehicle’s SCV to give issues. Make a booking at any of our Steves Auto Clinic branches to have the SCV inspected and replaced if found to be defective.

This brings us to the end of the highlighted issues experienced by some owners of the Isuzu KB 300. So the choice remain yours – If you feel like having a bakkie sent to a repair shop on a monthly basis, buy an Isuzu KB 300; on the other hand, if you want to have an experience of thousands of enjoyable trouble-free driving kilometres, buy an Isuzu KB 300… Whichever the case may be, remember to have your vehicle serviced regularly – as a leader in the field of car service SAC stand ready to assist you in that regard. Never procrastinate whenever you suspect that something may be wrong with your vehicle – as a leader in the field of car repairs we stand ready with our well trained mechanics and our High-Tec equipment to not only find the problem in your prized possession, but fix it as well.


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Within the above article, potential problems, causes and fixes have been identified as founded on the experience of vehicle owners and repairers, online sources such as discussion blogs, technical service bulletins and SAC experience. This information is provided solely for reference purposes. SAC strictly instruct readers that only properly qualified individuals should carry out repairs and/or modifications on your vehicles. It should also be made clear that the number of times an item is identified within this discussion should by no way be seen as an indicator of a model’s reliability or the frequency with which they may occur. Two of the exact same vehicles, owned by tow entirely different owners, driven in entirely different ways and on different terrains, and looked after in their own unique ways, will each behave differently. As mentioned, this information is provided solely for reference purposes but we hope – in the process of doing so – to empower you with relevant information which may enable you to make informative decisions whenever you experience any of the mentioned setbacks.