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SAC branches countrywide
SAC branches countrywide
SAC Toyota Hilux 2.5 D4D 4x2 S/C
More info on the new level Hilux range 10/2/2006
As promised I thought that it would be a good idea to keep our visitors updated on the development around the new level Hilux range.
The two petrol versions, 2.7VVTi and the 4.0L V6 are more tricky than we expected.
We have done some development work on both and although we saw reasonable power gains, I thought that in the mean time we should not proactively promote the full house conversions on them.
On a few of the test vehicles using big valve technology we saw power outputs of around 185Kw but that’s not enough to match the new Nissan Nivara with its 194Kw.
On the 2.7 we were able to get to around 130Kw at this stage.
I would prefer to do some more homework and provide a complete successful solution.
I’m sure that will be before the end of April 2006.
Before & After tests - Toyota New Level Hilux 3,0L D4D
The two diesel versions however are another story all together.
The 3.0L D4D adapts extremely well to our plug and play system.
Click here for the road test results for the Toyota New Level Hilux 3,0 D4D.
The 2.5 D4D engine in the bakkie which is the same or similar to the engine used in the bus has been focused on for a while now and the results are fantastic.
We have a intercooler which is custom made for the vehicle coupled to a excellent management control plug which compliments the vehicle.
When the bonnet is opened it looks like it was built that way in the factory.
The performance and reliability was our primary concern while developing this kit.
So we opted for exceptional power gains while retaining reliability in every aspect.
Fuel consumption is excellent and the power is enough to match the big brother 3.0L D4D.
The performance figures are self explanatory but keep in mind that the maximum speed was tested in 1.8 kilometers.
The actual top speed is in excess of 160km/h.
In my opinion the 2.5 D4D is a excellent choice especially when you consider that the 3.0L bakkies are not available at this stage.
Before & after tests
SAC Toyota New Level Hilux 2.5 D4D 4x2 S/C
  Standard Power Plug Intercooler & Power Plug
0 - 60 km/h 7.57 secs 6.21 secs 5.86 secs
0 - 80 km/h 12.47 secs 10.74 secs 9.88 secs
0 - 100 km/h 19.51 secs 16.58 secs 15.65 secs
0 - 120 km/h 28.66 secs 24.39 secs 22.30 secs
¼ mile (402 meters) 21.32 secs 20.28 secs 19.91 secs
0 - 1000 meters 39.03 secs 37.15 secs 36.71 secs
4th gear
80 - 100 km/h 6.57 secs 6.14 secs 4.79 secs
80 - 120 km/h 19.40 secs 16.87 secs 13.03 secs
Top Speed 136.3 km/h 141.3 km/h 149.47 km/h
Testing Conditions
No wind: Cloudy: Ambient 24*C: All tests average of two runs in opposing directions: Top speed measured over 1800 meters: Fuel tank full: Driver only.
Click Here for Before & After tests - Toyota New Level Hilux 3,0 D4D
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