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Volkswagen Golf 4 1,9 TDi

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SAC scores a birdie with Golf 4 TDi
In many ways, it is the Golf 4 TDi which really started the turbodiesel revolution in South Africa, and from the model's launch in 1999 until being replaced by Golf5 midway through 2004, many thousand were sold.
Which means the vast majority of these older cars are now either out of their factory warranty, or approaching the end of it; which makes it an ideal candidate for an aftermarket conversion to keep it competitive.
While certainly not a bad engine in standard form, the 1,9-litre direct injection oil burner has lost ground to newer rivals, and when Golf5 was introduced the mechanical package was upgraded significantly with direct injection, and unit injectors.
Surprisingly, in this guise it has slightly less power but more torque than its predecessor.
This 'uprated' engine is also now used in various Polo, Polo Classic, Jetta and Touran models, all of which makes it even more appealing as a sustainable aftermarket offering.
To this end SAC Holdings has focussed a significant amount of energy on creating an affordable and workable conversion on all 1,9 TDi powerplants in these various Volkswagen models, and, indeed, some Audis and also the recently introduced SEAT brand.
The end result is that the same basic engine can make as little as 74 kW or as much as 118 kW in 'standard' form, which just goes to show how much tuning potential it has!
In the case of the Golf 4 TDi used for development purposes, power output has gone from 81 to 108 kW (an increase of 33 percent), with the power peak remaining largely unchanged at 4 000 revs/min.
The changes to the engine are comprehensive, because the need to maintain a high level of mechanical integrity was a key requirement if the conversion is to attain long-term success in the marketplace.

The upgrade includes:

The Golf4 1,9 TDi is highly popular, and an SAC conversionfor it should therefore have widespread appeal
All the above items were researched and developed with careful analysis and measurement of critical factors such as exhaust gas temperature, air/fuel ratios and smoke emissions.
SAC Holdings is confident that the engine will live up to all expectations in terms of durability. The proof of the (performance) pudding is in the eating as they say, and the end result is a car capable of sprinting to 100 km/h in just 9,1 seconds before reaching a top speed just shy of the 200 km/h mark.
By comparison, the standard car -- when tested at sea level by CAR magazine -- took nearly 11 seconds to reach 100 km/h and ran out of steam at 191 km/h.
The SAC car also has exceptional flexibility, making it an ideal open-road companion as well as a safe car in overtaking manoeuvres.
The cost of the complete conversion as tested is R17 995, and can be easily tailored to suit individual needs. Turnaround time is approximately one week.
If purchased separately the conversion is obviously more expensive with pricing as follows:
  • “Plug & Play” - R 4 900.00
  • Replacement Turbo including fitment - R 8 950.00
  • Flowed cylinder head including fitment - R 4 950.00
  • Free flow exhaust 63mm Mild steel - R 950.00
  • Air intake system upgrade - R 395.00
    Total: R20 145.00
Test results, Golf 4 1,9 TDi, with SAC conversion
All tests conducted using a Racelogic VBOX GPS-based data acquisition system
  Uprated, 26/05/06 CAR magazine
Dec 1999
0 - 60 km/h: 4.2 Secs   4.62 Secs  
0 - 80 km/h: 6.5 Secs   7.41 Secs  
0 - 100 km/h: 9.1 Secs   10.96 Secs  
0 - 120 km/h: 12.9 Secs   16.32 Secs  
0 - 400 Metres 16.6 Secs   17.98 Secs  
TERMINAL SPEED: 135.4 km/h   128.3 km/h  
0 - 1,000 metres: 30.4 Secs   32.79 Secs  
TERMINAL SPEED: 170.2 km/h   156.3 km/h  
VMAX: 198   191  
60 - 100km/h (4th): 6.6 Secs   8.84 Secs  
60 - 100km/h (5th): 9.8 Secs   12.29 Secs  
60 - 120km/h (4th): 6.9 Secs   10.18 Secs  
60 - 120km/h (5th): 9 Secs   13.08 Secs  
Test Conditions
All Tests conducted at Gerotek Proving Ground at Reef altitude. Car magazine tests conducted at sea level. All Gerotek test results are an average of two runs in opposite directions. Fuel tank full, driver only. Test data compiled by Adrian Burford of Roadworks, using Racelogic Vbox Test Equipment.





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