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VW Amarok 2.0 TSI SAC Upgrade Complete
Volkswagen Amarok 2.0 litre TSI Trendline 4x2 | VW 4MOTION all-wheel drive - off-road ABS & ESP

VW Amarok 2.0 litre TDI Biturbo
Volkswagen 4MOTION all-wheel drive | Off-road ABS & ESP

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VW Amarok Double Cab 2.0 TSI Petrol Trendline 4x2
Gets Road Tested at SAC
A good couple of months or so after the launch of Volkswagen's Amarok 2.0 Bi-TDi, the seriously good 2.0 TSI petrol has finally broken cover.
And as with the turbodiesel offerings in the range, the TSI has a six-speed manual transmission with an eight-speed auto planned for the end of 2012.
The quad-valve, four-cylinder TSI uses variable valve timing and a variable vane geometry turbo to produce 118 kW from 3800 to 5500 rpm, while its peak torque of 300Nm is on call from 1600 to 3750 rpm as stated by the manufacturer when measured at the flywheel.
But on our dyno at the SAC Research & Development Centre we have seen somewhat bigger numbers than this straight off the bat for a bog standard TSI claims, so we correctly guessed that the road tested numbers would be heading towards much stronger 4.0 litre V6 territory.
Volkswagen claims its petrol double cab accelerates to 100km/h in less than 10 seconds and has a top speed of 180 km/h with the fuel consumption given as 9.6 litres / 100 km.
At Gerotek we came close by recording 10.7 seconds and a limited top speed of 176.97 km/h.
Numbers that are also a whole better than what we achieved with a standard 2.0 Bi-TDi.
So although this TSI is by no means slow, we have a number of years of experience when it comes to developing and making Golf GTIs go faster and better, and we are going to apply these principles to VW's Amarok Double Cab 2.0 TSI Petrol Trendline 4x2, as this 2.0 litre turbocharged is the same one found in the Mk6 GTI.
Keep an eye on our website as we start to work on making the TSI go even better and take the fight right to the big 4.0 litre V6s but with good 2.0 litre fuel consumption...
VW Amarok TSI Performance Data
0 - 60 km/h: 4.13 secs   0 - 120 km/h: 15.40 secs  
0 - 80 km/h: 7.23 secs   0 - 140 km/h: 22.82 secs  
0 - 100 km/h: 10.71 secs        
¼ Mile Time: 17.39 secs   1km Time: 32.40 secs  
¼ Mile Speed: 126.29 km/h   1km Speed: 156.96 km/h  
60-100 km/h (3rd): 6.48 secs   80-120 km/h (4th): 10.76 secs  
60-100 km/h (4th): 9.68 secs   80-120 km/h (5th): 16.31 secs  
True Top Speed: 176.97 km/h        

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