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Before & After tests - Toyota New Level Hilux
2.5 D4D 4x2 S/C
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SAC Toyota Hilux 2x4 2,5 D4-D

Roadworks Publishing cc - Editorial: Adrian Burford

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High-power Hilux!

Steves Auto Clinic has come up with a solution for those in need of more power from the 2,5-litre D4D powerplant fitted to the latest Toyota Hilux, and also to a number of Quantum models.
In addition, it’ll provide an answer for those on the long waiting list for a Hilux with the 3,0-litre version of the same engine by providing an impressively powerful alternative with a significant financial saving.
The 2,5 litre D4-D, unlike its bigger companion, isn’t intercooled and in standard form makes just 74 kW --- not enough to satisfy anyone who is after even half-decent performance and certainly insufficient if you’re planning to tow anything more than a ‘Ventertjie’
But with a custom-made air to air intercooler – a device which can dramatically decrease the temperature of the air fed into the engine and therefore increase the density – and appropriate engine remapping to suit, the smaller engine gets a massive, 36 percent power boost.
The first tier of this conversion is the Power Plug, a product designed specifically for modern electronically-managed turbodiesels, giving the expert tuner the ability to set fuel quantity and injection timing on a engine ‘map’ which has nearly 500 individual points.
With the upgraded electronic control managing the diet of fuel as well as freshly cooled air, output has been increased from 74 to 102 kW, with no loss of durability or reliability.
The reliability is a direct result of the lower combustion temperatures, which means far less chance of detonation and also brings with it lower exhaust gas temperatures.
In one fell swoop, the SAC ethos of meeting both performance and reliability concerns were met.
“As always, our objective has been to improve both power and economy without sacrificing durability or driveability,” says Steve Fischer, who founded SAC nearly a quarter of a century ago. “By using a sophisticated product like the Power Plug to manage the electronics, it has become possible for the skilled tuner to achieve what used to be considered disparate goals.”
In independent testing conducted on behalf of SAC at Highveld altitude, the single cab Hilux used for research and development managed a true top speed of exactly 156 km/h, and a terminal speed of 150 in a 1,8 kilometre standing start compared to 136 km/h when standard.
The best news is how dramatically the driveability improves however.
In fourth gear, it takes just 13 seconds to accelerate from 80 to 120 km/h (an increment which is a very good measure of overtaking acceleration in the real world) compared to 19,4 seconds in showroom trim.
That’s only part of the story.
The beauty of the modified Hilux is just how smooth and refined its performance is.
It feels like it is always pumping and there isn’t a hint of turbo lag when you put your foot down at any speed in any gear.
But there certainly isn’t a wild and uncontrollable rush that throws the passengers’ heads back either . . . just a pleasant and steady delivery of torque.
The good news is that this conversion is also applicable to the increasingly popular Toyota Quantum van and bus, as well as all other models in the Hilux range powered by the 2,5 D4-D powerplant.
The latest RAV4, just recently introduced in with a 2,2-litre 100 kW intercooled turbodiesel, would also benefit from the Power Plug portion of the conversion.
Customers can order the Power Plug as a standalone, or the electronics and the intercooler together as a ‘stage two’ conversion.
Prices are R4 950 and R10 950 respectively, though there are more affordable alternatives within the SAC ‘menu’.
These conversions can be carried out at any of the 11 SAC outlets in all major centres in South Africa.
All work carried out by SAC comes with a six month, 20 000 km Why Worry warranty.

Issued by Roadworks Publishing on behalf of SAC Holdings. For more information contact Adrian Burford on 083 274 1139, or Steve Fischer on 082 451 7039. Contact details of individual SAC stores available at

Before & after tests
- SAC Toyota New Level Hilux 2.5 D4D 4x2 S/C -
  Standard SAC
0 - 60 km/h: 7.57 secs 5.86 secs
0 - 80 km/h: 12.47 secs 9.88 secs
0 - 100 km/h: 19.51 secs 15.65 secs
0 - 120 km/h: 28.66 secs 22.30 secs
1/4 Mile (402 meters) : 21.32 secs 19.91 secs
0 - 1000m: 39.03 secs 36.71 secs
80 - 100 km/h (4th): 6.57 secs 4.79 secs
80 - 120 km/h (4th): 19.40 secs 13.03 secs
1,8 km sprint : 136.3 km/h 149.47 km/h
Power: 74 kW 102 kW
Test conditions: Windspeed: 0 m/s Ambient temperature: 24°C:
All tests average of two runs in opposing directions: Fuel tank full: Driver only
Test data compiled by Adrian Burford of Roadworks
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* All Test Figures displayed on this website were obtained at Highveld altitude. These figures may differ from vehicle to vehicle.
The power figures have been corrected back to flywheel power.

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