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SAC’s Popular Land Cruiser 70 Series Conversion a.k.a. The Beauty
New SAC upgrades for the Toyota Hilux and Fortuner offers truckloads of power and anti-theft option
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Land Rover Discovery Td5 - Performance Intercoolers, Dastek Power Coolers, Conversions, Modifications & Upgrades

ECU tuning, Uni chip Performance chips
Power Plug Conversions, Modifications & Upgrades

To find out more, contact a SAC branch near you and be prepared to be blown away at what is on offer at a highly competitive price?

Also have a look at our most popular turbo diesel plug & play and exhaust conversions or expected power and torque gains.

- Just Plug it in and start Playing -
The Power Plug simply plugs into the vehicles standard ECU
SAC, performance tuners, are able to offer extraordinary levels of expertise in Engine Management Systems / EMS, Electronic Control Unit / ECU chiping, modifications & upgrades with guaranteed results.
U-Connect - Plug 'n Play - FAQs
· How does the Power Plug improve your vehicle's performance?
The U-Connect - Power Plug intercepts the signals from the engine’s sensors and allows the ECU’s original pre-set MAP to be altered and enhanced.

These modifications allow the engine to reach it’s full potential in terms of power, fuel consumption and drivability. Contact the SAC Branch near you about a Power Plug for your vehicle.


· How is the U-Connect - Power Plug fitted?
The U-Connect - Power Plug is fitted by the tuners with genuine manufacturers (OEM) ECU connectors specific to the vehicle model, so you simply unplug the vehicles wiring harness from the ECU, plug the vehicles harness into the PowerPlug and plug the PowerPlug harness into the ECU.
Currently, it is the only unit on the market with the capability to intercept and modify all sensor and actuator signal circuits.
For an additional performance increase, U-Connect - PowerPlug is the only unit that can be individually tuned to your vehicle live on a dynamometer.
This means that an ECU MAP specifically optimised to your vehicle can be achieved.
The U-Connect - PowerPlug is also re-programmable, so when any modifications are made to your vehicle, (i.e. Exhaust, camshaft, etc.) the PowerPlug can be re-mapped to adjust the ECU’s parameters to take full advantage of these alterations.
This will only involve a further rolling road session to once again optimise your engines settings.
For additional safety these U-Connect - PowerPlugs can be fitted with their own exhaust gas and coolant temperature sensors that continually monitor and if necessary alter the fueling to safeguard the engine.  More questions? Contact the Expert at the SAC branch near you.
· How is the U-Connect - Power Plug different?
Most other diesel plug products only adjust the fuel quantity, the speed or load of the engine is rarely taken into account during this adjustment, and they are incapable of adjusting the point of fuel injection.
These limited scopes of adjustment leads to an inability to control smoke output, critical combustion temperatures, and pressures.
Dastek are able to alter live, the fuel quantity and injection timing of over 476 individual points of the engine speed and load MAPs to provide the optimum combination of performance, economy and safety.

This is done using a rolling road dynamometer, a device which accurately measures your vehicles power to 1/10 horsepower, and precisely monitoring these critical temperatures, pressures and smoke emissions.

Why the stage 1 conversion is still the best bang per buck.

U-Connect Plug & Play pricing options available at the SAC branch near you.

Plug 'n Play FAQs
· How does the Power Plug improve your vehicle's performance?  
· How is the Power Plug fitted?  
· How is the Power Plug Different?  
· Where do improvements come from?  
· What adjustment is being made?  
· What is the difference between petrol and diesel tuning?  
· How does the power plug overcome safety problems?  
· Unichip FAQ's >>
The only difference between the traditional Unichip installation and the Plug 'n Play Uni Q Chip system is the wiring harness that enables the installation without cutting or intercepting the original wiring.
Uni Q Chip Features
· Electro mechanical map switching option  
· 5 Different map options to choose from  
· Options can be tailored to personalized requirements.  
· Blue tooth map switching  
· Transferable from one vehicle to another.  
Unichip, Plug & Play, Power Plug

   Other Popular Unichip Info & Opimizations:

U-CONNECT Plug 'n Play >> Uni Q Chip Features & benefits >> Plug 'n Play FAQ's >>
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U-Connect - Plug & Play upgrades & Unichips available for most petrol & diesel vehicles including Alfa, Audi, BMW, Chev, Chrysler, Colt, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Isuzu, Jeep, Kia, Mazda, Mercedes, Mini, Nissan, Opel, Toyota, VolksWagen and more...
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