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SAC’s Popular Land Cruiser 70 Series Conversion a.k.a. The Beauty
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The Koni Off Road Shock Absorber, Performance Suspension & Damping
Heavy Track - Raid 4x4 & SUV Shocks

Pricing options available at the SAC branch near you.
The Koni Heavy Track RAID 4x4 Shock Absorber
Steves Auto Clinic have the answer when it comes down to improving the Off Road handling capabilities of your 4x4 with Koni Heavy Track RAID shocks. Contact the SAC branch near you for pricing options on Koni shocks.
Koni are well known for their superior suspension, damping technology, reliability and consistency of performance.
Koni, with an experience in shock absorber designing and manufacturing for many years and leader in "Heavy Duty" suspension & damping technology, decided to combine Koni's high level of technology and Koni's Off Road / 4x4 market knowledge to create the Heavy Track RAID range of dampers.
The Heavy Track RAID shock absorber is based on Koni's largest vehicle damper, the development of which was initiated by Koni's African desert experience.
Koni's RAID shock absorber can also operate in a lazy manner, as the internal pressures and temperatures can be kept low.
The Heavy Track RAID shock absorber is an excellent choice for expeditions especially with heavily loaded vehicles.
Koni Heavy Track RAID shocks are reliable high quality replacement performance parts for customers who seek a non sophisticated but effective product to do the jobs it's designed for.
The main features of the new Heavy Track RAID series are:
· Twin-tube technology
The Outer tube thickness of 2.5mm. The Damper function is guaranteed in case of deformation of outer tube by impact of rocks.
· Attachements
Solid, robust attachments. All attachments welded all around (360°)
· Reservoir tube
Big bore (70mm). The Oil volume has been doubled for better cooling & efficiency
· Adjustability
Possibility to adjust the rebound forces in order to adapt your damper to your springs and / or loads and so increase its life-span.
· Double dynamic protection
Rebound - progressive hydraulic rebound stop valve.
Bump - extra security in case of big compression impact.
· Easy fitting
Heavy Track RAID shock absorbers make use of original attachment fittings.
No vehicle modifications are necessary.
· Hydraulic Rebound Stop
Koni shock absorbers have a built-in hydraulic rebound valve with spring.
· Adjustable Rebound
This adjustment facility is primarily used for restoration of "lost" damping after many tens of thousands of kilometers.
It is also an excellent tool for "tuning" the damper if heavier springs are selected or very high loads are carried.
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