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SAC’s Popular Land Cruiser 70 Series Conversion a.k.a. The Beauty
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Engine protection units | Exhaust gas temperature gauges | Exhausts branches, headers, manifolds

Engine Protection Units, systems & Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) Gauge

If you have questions about engine protection systems or exhaust gas temperature, ask the expert at the SAC branch near you.

Exhaust Gas Temperature - (EGT)
Unlike petrol vehicles, diesels are light-years behind when it comes to new technology and have only recently started making use of engine management and control systems.
Although the newer generation vehicles make use of this technology, they are not 100% safeguarded against engine failure. 
The older versions have absolutely no protection whatsoever.
The most common, but not the only reason for engine failure on these vehicles, is excessively high combustion and exhaust gas temperatures.
At SAC we realised that something needed to be done about all these engine failures and we developed safeguard units and gauges to prevent more engine failures on these vehicles. Contact your local SAC branch for more information.
All you need to know about EGT
Most turbo charged diesel bakkies and cars today have all the most essential instrumentation fitted as standard equipment.
They have a good range of warning lights and tell-tale systems on the dashboard, however at SAC we feel that the manufacturer left out the most important monitor of all.
The EGT Gauge
There are many factors which affect the EGT’s on a diesel turbo, some of which can be controlled but in most cases one wouldn't even know that the EGT is excessive or climbing until it was too late. Prevent damage to you engine by contacting the SAC branch near you.
Our experience over the past 6 years or so has dictated the need to develop and produce a simple EGT gauge, which can be fitted to any diesel turbo charged vehicle.
With roughly 35 diesel turbo charged vehicles passing through our workshops countrywide every day, we are well aware of what is happening to components on or inside a engine which are exposed to excessively high EGT's for long periods of time.
We also know that 90% of diesel turbos today run with EGT's around 830ºC, some even as much as 950ºC.
People who tend to be in a hurry or those who tow or even drive with heavy loads are the ones who are most affected by high EGT's.
The worst is that the engine won't necessarily fail after only a few incidents of high EGT; in our experience we find the vehicles to show their damage a at higher mileage although destruction starts at the very first exposure.
About the gauge
The gauge that we use is specifically designed and developed for SAC to our requirements.
We made the gauge as universal as possible in order to use it on as many different models as possible.
It has a thermo couple and 12V supply.
The thermo couple fits into the exhaust manifold between the cylinder head and the turbocharger and has a sensor on the tip, which needs to be in the main flow of exhaust gasses exiting the engine.
The thermo couple, which we use, can accommodate temperatures up to 1300ºC.
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