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Automotive Performance Tuning, Petrol & Turbo Diesel Specialists, Power & Torque Enhancement Conversions, Modifications & Upgrades to Motor Cars, 4x4s, SUVs, Bakkies.
Vehicle Maintenance & Services, Cylinder Head Conversions, Intercoolers & more...

Today one really needs to do your homework when choosing your automotive service provider not to mention your performance enhancement specialists. We are performance tuning specialists and have speed and power enhancement conversions for almost all of the petrol and diesel vehicles on the road today. If you own a vehicle whether big or small - motor car, 4x4, SUV or bakkie - normal or fast - average or extremely powerful - petrol or diesel, you will benefit from spending some time in this website.. Read More
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Removing the Diesel Particulate Filter - an easy task for the experts
SAC Diesel Particulate Filters
Modern exhaust systems are anything but simple and these days they have an in-built particulate filter, which could prove to be a very costly replacement item when it becomes clogged.
Removal of the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system
The term EGR often dissapears among the other three letter acronyms in your vehicle handbook. But unlike ABS, ESP, SRS and CDI, removing the EGR could actually help your vehicle’s engine, not harm it.
Beat the high cost of servicing your "out of warranty or motor-plan" vehicle
Hands up everyone who loves servicing their vehicles regularly. That dreaded service normally falls due just as your little princess asks for a pony party, the DSTV breaks, your geyser bursts or the fridge stops working.
Power increase & improved fuel consumption for cars, suv's & bakkies
Remember the days when you had a vehicle for every occasion? You know, the MPV for school runs, the fast little coupe for Sunday breakfast runs and the 4x4 to tow your boat or caravan.
SAC Celebrates Milestone Birthdays throughout the Group
SAC Celebrates Milestone Birthdays throughout the Group
Steve's Auto Clinic is getting ready to step on the accelerator as it celebrates more than three decades in business and two decades as a national group of vehicle service and upgrade centres.
SAC Adds Serious Firepower To Alfa's 1750TBi Giulietta
Giulietta would be the perfect car to re-ignite some of this old passion for the brand and unlock some of the performance potential hidden in this hot hatch.
Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series - SAC PLUG AND PLAY
Land Cruiser 70 Series was given a new lease on life recently and is said to now be the new torque king of 4WD vehicles
Rugged SAC Ford Ranger
Gets a Power Boost
Rugged SAC Ford Ranger Gets a Power Boost
Using our latest SAC ECU Software Upgrade option, SAC has given the new Ford Ranger a massive increase in power.
Popular Volkswagen
Amarok Conversions
Amarok Conversions
Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles expanded its range of vehicles with the introduction of an innovative eight-speed automatic.
Isuzu KB240, KB250 & KB300
D-TEQ Power Upgrade
Isuzu KB240, KB250 & KB300 D-TEQ Power Upgrade
The all new 6th Generation Isuzu KB has a bigger bolder look, with smooth and well-proportioned styling.
How age and mileage
can affect your vehicle
How age and mileage can affect your vehicle
Just as humans age and require special care over time to remain healthy, so does your vehicle.
Toyota D-4D Diesel Injector and Turbo Charger Repairs and Replacements
Toyota D-4D Diesel Injector and Turbo Charger Repairs and Replacements
SAC are the specialists when it comes to Toyota D-4D diesel injector & turbocharger replacement and refurbishing.

We regret to inform you that our SAC Bloemfontein shop will no longer be trading using the SAC brand name


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